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Perennial vegetables - SEEDS

Good to know...

We only sell seeds to private, schools and organizations, as our seeds are not accompanied by European Plant Passports.

Sowing & growing

When to sow is found in the plant description below and on each seed package.

Please note, many perennial plants require a longer period before germination than e.g. annual vegetables. Seed may easily take months before germinating. Seeds sown in fall will germinate the following Spring, when the soil temperature allows it.

Always so in trays or pots outdoors or in an unheated green house. Perennial plants need to feel the elements of Winter!

The seed packages are not standardized, but you can count on plenty of seeds! Enough for you to grow and propagate yourself.

Please read the How-to-sow here.

All seeds are from our own plants - grown in natural conditions in the midst of our beautiful Myrrhis Agroforestry.

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