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Altai onion - Allium altaicum

€ 3,35

Allium altaicum
Perennial onion. Leaves used like chives.
Sow: November-March
Stratification: 30 days

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How to make your seeds sprout!

Many perennial vegetables require a cold period - stratification. They need to experience a cold period of 0-5 degrees for a number of days. Most species will have a higher germination rate if sown outdoors in the fall. Preferably in pots or trays you easily can keep track of.

Seeds should never never be put in the freezer!

You will find the ideal sowing period written on the seed package. If you live in warmer conditions than Denmark (our base), or if you didn't get to sow the seeds during the period, please follow the following instruction for best germination:

1) Mix the seeds in a handful of moist soil or sand in a bag
2) Leave the open bag in the fridge for the number of days the stratification period says. An open bag allows for air flow.
3) When the stratification period is over, sow the seeds in trays or pots outdoors - or in a green house for faster germination.